ECAA Business Visa in the Netherlands

You may establish a company in the Netherlands in accordance with the regulations of the ECAA (also known as the Ankara Agreement). This scheme is different from the one that had been implemented by British authorities because Turkish citizens are not included in the point-based system that includes other foreigners as a result of this agreement.

In order to apply for a visa within the scope of the Ankara Agreement in the Netherlands, you should have a business idea that serves Dutch interests and write a business plan where you explain all the details regarding the sustainability of the company you wish you establish.

Following the issuance of the first visa, you will have a right to reside in the Netherlands for up to three years during which you may also work in the job of your choice. Then, you can extend your duration of residence by two years, and you can submit a citizenship application at the end of the fifth year.

This type of application includes all the family members including children under the age of 21. And there is no minimum investment requirement for company registration, although you are expected to deposit an amount that will be sufficient for the fundamental expenses of the company within the duration of residence.

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