Start-up Visa in Estonia

You may establish a company in Estonia under the start-up visa scheme with a minimum capital of €16,000. As the first stage of application, you must have a business plan to submit to the Ministry’s Start-up Committee. If the business plan is approved, then it means you may apply for the visa by using the code that they will provide. In that sense, it resembles the Start-up Visa scheme in the U.K. in terms of its endorsement-related procedures.

After the first application, you may be granted a 12-month visa while you may have a 5-year visa as a result of the second application.

Digital Nomad Visa in Estonia

A digital nomad refers to a location-independent person who works remotely for a company in a country but physically lives in another. It means, with Digital Nomad Visa, you may live in Estonia while working for a company located in another country. To do so, you must make an application where you will prove that you have a monthly income of at least €3504 and you may do your job remotely.

There are no service areas or job positions that have specific criteria. It makes no difference whether you are an employee or a business owner.
In the first application, you may be granted a 1-year visa which may be extended later. Applications are reviewed within 30 days.

Other countries in Europe (e.g. Spain) provide an opportunity to reside in those countries with a Digital Nomad Visa while working remotely, too. However, the conditions are tighter in those countries, given the fact that internationals are allowed to stay in Spain for up to six months without having to officially register.

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