Work Permit Applications in Turkey

To obtain a work permit in Turkey, the applicant must first secure a job. Following that, an analysis will be conducted on the company based on whether it meets the three basic requirements for being a sponsor for a foreign permit to apply for a work permit. These three requirements are as follows:

– The sponsoring company must demonstrate that it has a minimum capital of 100,000 TRY.


– The sponsoring company must have at least five Turkish insured employees working in the company for each foreign employee.


– The sponsoring company must pay the foreign employee at least three times the minimum wage in Turkey for average positions, the minimum wage for secretary and cleaning positions, and 7.5 times the minimum wage for directorial and managerial positions. Except for the specified positions, all other positions are average.


It is also possible for a foreign person to obtain a work permit as a household worker. The sponsor in this type of application is an individual rather than a corporation. So the salary requirement is at least the minimum wage in Turkey.

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